147 $

Price 147.000 $
Property size 84 - 168.1 m²
Bedrooms 2 , 3 , 4
Bathrooms 2 , 3
Property Type: Apartments
Province / City Ha Noi


UDIC Westlake is one of the most beautiful location-owned projects in Tay Ho District. With modern apartment design, optimal area and redundant infrastructure system in the area. The project is currently receiving a lot of attention from customers wishing to buy apartments in Tay Ho district.

  • Project name: UDIC Westlake
  • Location: Lot CT4 – Urban Area of Nam Thang Long, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Investor: UDIC
  • Design unit: Hanoi Urban Architecture Consulting Joint Stock Company (UAC)
  • Construction unit: UDIC
  • Supervision consultancy: Texo Joint Stock Company consulting and investment
  • Total area: 26,978 m2
  • Construction area: 10,792 m2
  • Total number of apartments: 408 units
  • Construction density: 40%
  • Basement: 02 floors
  • Construction License: No. 59 / GPXD dated August 5, 2016
  • Expected handover time: Quarter IV/2018


UDIC Westlake belongs to Ciputra international Urban Area, located right on Vo Chi Cong street – This can be considered as the most beautiful street in Hanoi city with a width of 60m, ventilation, easy circulation. In particular, this is the fastest way to connect Noi Bai airport to the center of Hanoi. The project possesses an extremely convenient location in terms of transportation, can move to the city center and surrounding districts easily.

According to experts, the West Lake area is the dragon head of the dragon, where condensation produces life, health, luck and fortune for the residents in this area. From Udic Westlake apartments you can open your eyes to the romantic West Lake.

Location of Udic Westlake
Location of UDIC Westlake

UDIC Westlake with the location in Ciputra – Nam Thang Long urban area, the most modern urban area in Hanoi, the project will inherit synchronous and high-class infrastructure and utilities to bring a comfortable life. All needs will be met right around the project without having to travel far. Besides, with the completion of Ngoai Giao Doan urban area, Tay Ho Tay will also bring a civilized intellectual community, a more convenient system of facilities.

Fresh living space is also a factor that makes customers decide to choose an apartment in UDIC Westlake apartment. Located near the West Lake, you only need to open the balcony door to feel the fresh, fresh air. Surrounded by a large green space of Ciputra urban area, brings a fresh feeling on hot summer days.
In addition, you will not have to suffer from congestion, jostling each other when returning home after a tiring day at work. Located right on the vast Vo Chi Cong road, traffic congestion is almost nonexistent.






UDIC Westlake apartments are designed according to modern and spacious architectural style, optimizing the use.

The area is diverse from 84 – 168.1 m2, arranged from 2-3-4 bedrooms, with wide view, spacious and windy view to West Lake or magnificent Nhat Tan Bridge.

Here, 100% of the apartments receive the natural light of the apartment, full of natural light, creating a harmony between life.

Each apartment has a wide view of West Lake view, vibrant view of Nhat Tan Bridge during the day, bright lights at night. The design architects took full advantage of Udic Westlake’s prime location to create the most beautiful street views, natural light and convenient traffic cores.


Master plan of Udic Westlake
Master plan of Udic Westlake

Typical plan of Udic Westlake

Tower A of Udic Westlake
Tower B of Udic Westlake
Tower C of Udic Westlake




Comes with the system of available facilities in the area, UDIC Westlake apartment project has an indoor swimming pool, promising to bring residents experience about the most luxurious entertainment center of the West of Hanoi.

Shopping malls: large-scale shopping malls, stalls arranged in harmony with famous brands, serving the shopping needs for residents in the entire apartment and in the area.

Large parking: UDIC Westlake apartment project is designed with a large basement, meeting the needs of the households living.

Other facilities: International standards accompanying, especially Asian and European food streets will surely be extremely interesting for residents to explore. The utilities and services of the building such as high-end office complexes, shopping centers, shopping centers, entertainment centers, schools, and hospitals are reasonably designed to meet the best life for residents.

Parking area Udic Westlake Outdoor gym Udic Westlake Playground Udic Westlake Shopping malls Udic Westlake

Swimming pool Udic Westlake



Does Udic Westlake satisfy customers?

UDIC Westlake is a collection of standard apartments in the West Lake area. With outstanding advantages nowhere to be found, the project has become the focus of attention of many customers and satisfied even the most fastidious customers.

The reasons below will be the clearest evidence why customers should choose UDIC Westlake as a place to build a home or invest in profits.

  • “Big boss” in the construction industry of the project

UDIC Westlake is a project of Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation – UDIC was started construction in late 2016. UDIC is a prestigious real estate investor in Vietnam. UDIC is the investor of many prestigious and quality projects such as Nam Thang Long urban area, UDIC Riverside … in Hanoi and many other projects in Hanoi.

  • UDIC Westlake is located in the most beautiful position in Hanoi

UDIC Westlake is built on the surface of Vo Chi Cong Street – Tay Ho District – Hanoi, connecting Nhat Tan Bridge to Noi Bai Airport.
– The location of the project is located close to West Lake, the first glance is clear blue sky, clear water.
East – main direction: Surface of Vo Chi Cong street
South: Going to Hanoi Ciputra urban area
West: Panoramic view of gold yard lake
North: Looking out to the romantic Red River

  • Providing services to customers

UDIC Westlake understands that customers are the destination of any business strategy, the more they satisfy their customers, the more credibility will increase.

  • Infrastructure architecture of the apartment

Infrastructure includes: schools, hospitals, amusement parks, entertainment areas… modern, luxurious and classy.

Designed by neoclassical style, with 3 apartment towers in which each tower has 02 basements for parking.

  • Floors 1 – 4: Public services, apartment hall and ancillary.
  • Tower A: 17 floors high with 8 apartments / floor
  • Tower B: 19 floors high with 10 apartments / floor
  • Tower C: 23 floors high with 8 apartments / floor

With smart design creates ventilation and nice view to all the rooms in the apartment. Installed 24/24 surveillance camera system at essential locations with international standards, automatic design.

  • Profitable investment

UDIC Westlake apartment is not only owned for living but also bought for the purpose of making a profitable investment for many investors who want to buy apartments and sublease.















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