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Own the LUMIÈRE Evergreen collection by Masterise Homes with the ‘masterpiece’ – The Aura

The Aura tower is situated close to a green park and a tranquil lake. This is an artist's rendering of the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project by Masterise Homes.

Masterise Homes has just announced an attractive sales policy for the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project (Smart City, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) – the first project in the LUMIÈRE collection to be introduced to the Hanoi market… Accordingly, customers can easily own high-end apartments built to international standards with a support policy for bank loans of up […]

Masterise Homes has officially launched the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project in the western part of Hanoi

The rendering of the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project by Masterise Homes in the Smart City Mega Township (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi)

Masterise Homes‘ decision to expand the LUMIÈRE collection to the Hanoi market aims to create a new international community in the “Western City” while also providing residents of the capital with exquisite, quality, and sustainable living spaces. This information quickly heats up the real estate market at the end of the year, especially as new […]

Real estate of genuine value will be the driving force behind market recovery

Real estate of genuine value will be a safe 'haven' for capital flow in the current period

In the context of market recovery, real estate of genuine value will serve as a safe ‘haven’ for capital, with the potential for stable returns and even growth in value in the future. The rise of real estate of genuine value The real estate market in the beginning of 2024 has witnessed significant fluctuations, with […]

Information about the three Metro lines 5, 6, and 7 passing through Vinhomes Smart City

Metro Lines 5, 6 and 7 planning

According to the urban planning until 2030, in addition to the Cat Linh – Ha Dong line, Hanoi will have an additional 8 urban railway lines with a total length of 410.8km, including 342.2km of elevated and surface tracks, and the remaining 68.6km underground. This includes the three Metro lines 5, 6, and 7 passing […]

Anticipating the westward shift trend with a prestigious real estate project

Lumi Hanoi

The strong development at the western gateway of the capital has turned this area into a new focal point of Hanoi in recent years, with Lumi Hanoi standing out prominently – a luxury apartment project by CapitaLand Development Vietnam, offering living spaces and amenities that cater to the trend of shifting away from the old […]

Lumi Signature – “The Prelude” to Comprehensive Development for the Next Generation

The indoor playroom, themed and meticulously designed, ensures the safety for children to play freely, explore, and have fun. (Conceptual Image)

As one of the leading real estate conglomerates with a strong commitment to community engagement, CapitaLand Vietnam continues to demonstrate special attention to the “future seeds” through the Lumi Signature precinct within the Lumi Hanoi project. This is evident through a series of amenities focused on the comprehensive development of this generation. Fulfilling the joy […]

The allure stemming from the prime location of the Lumi Hanoi project

Perspective of Lumi Hanoi

The Lumi Hanoi project, developed and constructed by CapitaLand Development, generates significant excitement due to its outstanding advantages in location, infrastructure system, and project quality. The promising outlook for the real estate market in the western region According to the urban development plan for Hanoi until 2030 with a vision towards 2050, the city is […]

CapitaLand Development aims to develop 27,000 apartments in the Vietnamese market by 2028

The groundbreaking ceremony for Lumi Hanoi

The target was announced by CapitaLand Development (CLD) at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sycamore and Lumi Hanoi projects, the two largest residential projects of the Group in Vietnam, with approximately 7,500 apartments and a total project development value estimated at over 2 billion Singapore dollars (equivalent to 36 trillion Vietnamese dong). On March 4, […]