Own the LUMIÈRE Evergreen collection by Masterise Homes with the ‘masterpiece’ – The Aura

The Aura tower is situated close to a green park and a tranquil lake. This is an artist's rendering of the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project by Masterise Homes.

Masterise Homes has just announced an attractive sales policy for the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project (Smart City, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) – the first project in the LUMIÈRE collection to be introduced to the Hanoi market…

Accordingly, customers can easily own high-end apartments built to international standards with a support policy for bank loans of up to 80% and 0% interest incentives for up to 4 years (after receiving the house for 1 year).

High-end segment, flexible policies attract capital influx

After years of designing interiors for hundreds of families, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, the director of a construction company in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, is finally planning to build his own “dream home” for his small family. His criteria include a prime location, intelligent design, ample green spaces, diverse amenities to elevate living standards, and to enjoy life according to international standards.

During market research, Mr. Thanh is targeting the western part of Hanoi because this area boasts convenient transportation infrastructure, ample land reserves, and hosts numerous large-scale projects. Additionally, it is one of the most liquid areas in the market. A report by Savills shows that in the third quarter of 2023, the absorption rate in the apartment segment in Nam Tu Liem district accounted for 39% of total units sold across the city.

In the context of good liquidity, however, according to Savills Vietnam, in the luxury apartment segment, new supply in the third quarter of 2023 decreased by 47% quarterly and 65% annually. Particularly in the western part of Hanoi, there have been only a few new projects recently, mostly in the Smart City urban area. Among them, the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project by Masterise Homes has attracted Mr. Thanh’s interest due to its “attractive” sales policies, flexibility, easy payment terms, and balanced cash flow with an expected price range of 65-80 million VND/m2.

The Aura tower is situated close to a green park and a tranquil lake. This is an artist's rendering of the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project by Masterise Homes.
The Aura tower is situated close to a green park and a tranquil lake. This is an artist’s rendering of the LUMIÈRE Evergreen project by Masterise Homes.

The policy of splitting payments reduces financial pressure

According to the recent announcement by the developer Masterise Homes, customers can choose between two payment options: using their own capital or obtaining a bank loan to own an apartment in The AURA (A3) tower.

With the payment policy using own capital, Masterise Homes divides the payment into 11 installments with small amounts. In the first two years, customers will make 8 payments, each approximately 5%. This means that on average, customers will pay less than 2% of the apartment’s value each month.

Customers who follow the standard payment schedule will receive a 4% discount on the selling price (excluding value-added tax and maintenance fees). Especially for early payment, customers will receive a discount of up to 15%.

In addition, Masterise Homes has introduced the “Home Ownership Group” payment policy with unprecedented incentives in the market. Homebuyers only need to pay 20% of the selling price to own a high-end apartment according to international standards, while the remainder will be supported by a bank loan with 0% interest. Customers using this loan package will be supported with interest rates for up to 1.5 years after receiving the house.

Assuming a loan of 2 billion VND to buy a house with an interest rate of around 7-8% per year as it is now, customers can save about 10-13 million VND in bank interest payments each month. Therefore, in 3-4 years, customers can accumulate an additional amount of about 400-600 million VND.

Furthermore, depending on the policy at different times, customers may be supported with 36 months of management fees from the time the project meets the conditions for hand.

Introducing a sales policy with optimized financial support makes it easier for customers to realize their dream of home ownership.

“Location,” “Amenities,” and “Handover Standards” are the highlights

In addition to flexible sales policies and many incentives, The Aura tower also attracts customers with its superior advantages from location, amenities, to living standards. The project is located in the central area of Smart City, easily connected to urban roads as well as inner-city areas through arterial routes such as Ring Road 3, three Metro lines 5, 6, 7… Surrounding the project is a chain of synchronized utilities of the urban area from hospitals, schools to shopping centers. Next to the project is an international standard school, opposite is a green park and a lake.

As the first project in the LUMIÈRE collection by Masterise Homes in Hanoi, LUMIÈRE Evergreen is crafted by leading international partners with a breakthrough system of utilities in commerce, education, and services, accompanied by 60 exclusive amenities such as: indoor facilities on the 1st and 20th floors: indoor four-season swimming pool, international standard gym, business lounge, children’s play area, indoor library…; outdoor amenities include a four-season botanical garden, BBQ area, wellness therapy garden, outdoor swimming pool…
The apartments are elegantly designed with premium Low-E glass system, floor-to-ceiling height, and maximum view-extending glass balcony railings, providing international standard living space. The project has high-end handover standards, meeting international standards with fully-furnished built-in furniture, from bathroom fixtures, toilets, premium wood wardrobes with tempered glass cladding in the master bedroom to kitchen cabinets, ovens with sustainable quality.
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