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In the vibrant tapestry of Hanoi’s real estate market, the term “transferred real estate” resonates as a beacon of opportunity. Often referred to as resale real estate or second homes, these properties offer a unique avenue for buyers seeking to acquire a slice of Hanoi’s urban landscape. Yet, the allure of transferred real estate extends far beyond the boundaries of Vietnam, captivating investors worldwide.

Real Estate Transfer & Resale

Amidst the dynamic backdrop of real estate transactions, the art of buying and selling has evolved into a finely orchestrated dance of strategy and negotiation. Jackie Realtor, with an astute eye for market nuances, recognizes a gap in knowledge among foreign buyers regarding the regulations governing property transfers in Vietnam.

For foreign buyers, the pathway to ownership is illuminated by the prospect of acquiring real estate from fellow foreigners. However, for those looking to divest, the avenues are open to both Vietnamese nationals and foreign investors alike.

Recent regulatory shifts have further broadened the horizons for foreign buyers, granting access to a spectrum of real estate options, from apartments to standalone residences like villas or townhouses. This expansion of eligibility marks a pivotal moment, offering a passport to homeownership or investment ventures.

In the realm of real estate transfers, two modalities emerge as primary conduits: the Sale & Purchase Agreement or the revered Certificate of Ownership, colloquially known as the “Pink Book.”

Embracing the realm of transferred real estate unfurls a tapestry of benefits for prospective buyers:

  • Streamlined viewing processes, facilitating seamless exploration of potential properties.
  • A kaleidoscope of choices across diverse projects and locales, catering to varied preferences.
  • Assurance of legal compliance, ensuring that properties possess the requisite Certificate of Ownership in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  • Flexibility in price negotiation, fostering an environment conducive to mutually beneficial agreements between buyer and seller.

Armed with this insight, Jackie Realtor invites you to embark on a journey through the realms of buying, selling, and transferring real estate in Vietnam, and particularly in the bustling heart of Hanoi. Explore our curated selection of apartments and villas awaiting discerning buyers, each promising a tapestry of opportunities.

For further inquiries and detailed information, reach out to Jackie Realtor at (+84) 39 819 5355 or via email at Your gateway to Hanoi’s real estate awaits.


Excellent 3-bedroom transferred apartment at Kosmo Tay Ho

Price: Contact

Location: Ha Noi

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Beautiful lake-view 3BR apartment for resale at Kosmo Tay Ho

Price: 373000 $

Location: Ha Noi

373.000 $


Luxurious apartment D Le Roi Soleil – Well renovated 2 bedroom for resale

Price: 700000 $

Location: Ha Noi

700.000 $


Beautifully renovated 2-bedroom transfer apartment at Udic Westlake

Price: 198000 $

Location: Ha Noi

198.000 $