110 $

Price 110.000 $
Property size 56.95 -114.6 m²
Bedrooms 2 , 3
Bathrooms 1 , 2 , 3
Property Type: Apartments


Sunshine Riverside is located in the new urban complex of Nam Thang Long. Located in the West of Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Sunshine Riverside inherits an extremely favorable position, with the location adjacent to the main road 60m wide, only a 5-minute walk from Nhat Tan Bridge. Here, residents can move smoothly to all parts of Hanoi without worrying about traffic such as the city center, West Lake, Noi Bai Airport …

  • Project name: Apartment project with commercial services.
  • Trade name: Sunshine Riverside
  • Location: Lot CT – 03A. Belong to land lot CT – 03 Nam Thang Long urban area.
  • Scale: High 31-34 floating floors, 2 basements.
  • Total land area: 11,953 m2
  • Total number of apartments: 932 apartments
  • Investor: Phu Thuong Cóntruction Investment Joint Stock Company (Sunshine Group)
  • General contractor: ADG Holding Joint Stock Company
  • Design unit: Sunshine Joint Stock Company – Design
  • Supervision consultancy unit: CONICO Joint Stock Company Infrastructure Development Investment & Construction Consultant.



Location of Sunshine Riverside
Location of Sunshine Riverside

Sunhine Riverside is located in Ciputra, inheriting all the leading utilities of this most rated urban area in Hanoi such as Ciputra Club, Ciputra Mall, International Golf … This is also It is a gathering place of a rich and civilized population community – the tangible values that make up the level of an upper-class settlement.

  • In the Ciputra urban area.
  • Ho Tay Water Park: 1 km.
  • Hoa Binh Park: 5 km.
  • Hospital E: 7 km.
  • My Dinh National Sports Complex: 10 km.
  • My Dinh Bus Station: 9 km.
  • Noi Bai International Airport: 18 km.
  • National University: 9 km
  • UN International School (UNIS): 1km
  • Buoi Market: 4 km.
  • Valley of flowers: 1.5 km.
  • Nhat Tan Bridge: 500 m.



Typical floor plan of Sunshine Riverside

Floor plan of R1 Sunshine Riverside
Floor plan of R2 Sunshine Riverside
Floor plan of R3 Sunshine Riverside




Entrance of Sunshine Riverside project

View of Sunshine Riverside
View to the river

Design of Sunshine Riverside project
Modern design

Cinema of Sunshine Riverside project

Green space of Sunshine Riverside project
Green space

Kindergarten of Sunshine Riverside project

Entertainment area for children in Sunshine Riverside
Entertainment area for children

Massage and Spa in Sunshine Riverside
Massage & Spa

Shopping center in Sunshine Riverside
Shopping center

Shopping center in Sunshine Riverside 1
Shopping center

Yoga in Sunshine Riverside

Coffee shop in Sunshine Riverside
Coffee shop

Gym in Sunshine Riverside

BBQ Area in Sunshine Riverside
BBQ Area

Sunshine School
Sunshine School

Sunshine Riverside is one of the condominium projects that are receiving a lot of attention in the high-end segment in the real estate market in Hanoi. Owning a prime location along with neoclassical design has showed off the harmonious lines, reasonable color scheme of the project. In addition to the unique facilities, this project will surely create a fever for homebuyers today. Let’s find out more details about why we should buy Sunshine Riverside today.

SUNSHINE RIVERSIDE – What are benefits when buying here?

  • Sunshine Riverside is located in a prime location near the west lake, convenient transportation to Noi Bai airport, the center of the old town or to the dynamic western area.

  • West Lake area includes many embassies, six ministries, cultural centers such as an opera house, Tu Lien Bridge which is about to be built to connect with surrounding areas… making West Lake become the center. future political, cultural and tourist centers.

  • Sunshine Riverside is located in the Ciputra urban area covering over 300 hectares with an ideal living environment, Sunshine Rivershine enjoys all the facilities of the project such as golf course, international school, gym, sports area, walking path…

  • West Lake is home to a community of high economical and friendly people, a favorite destination for foreigners, a cross-cultural place, a great opportunity to sublease real estate at high prices.

  • The project is built according to the 5-star Hometel standard with permanent ownership with high-class furniture imported from Europe with 29 standard amenities and services, giving residents modern and classy living.

  • The first project in Hanoi where every floor has a hanging garden, where children have fun and community activities are integrated.

  • Smart home apartments use new applications of technology and electronic devices to give people a comfortable and classy life.







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