50.000 $

Price 50000 $
Bedrooms 1 , 2 , 3
Bathrooms 1 , 2
Property Type: Apartments , Townhouses , Villas
Province / City Ha Noi

Vinhomes Ocean Park (Lake Sea City) is a new big international metropolis, also known as a new CBD in the West of Hanoi, located in Trau Quy Town – Duong Xa Commune – Kieu Ky Commune – Da Ton Commune, Gia Lam, Hanoi.


VINHOMES OCEAN PARK – Where impossible is possible

Not only a world-class metropolis, but Vinhomes Ocean Park also creates a new City with Nature – Life, and People with a new look and spirit of excitement, ready for the impossible but possible experience.
The place adjacent to the vibrant streets is the ocean
The place in the middle of the inner city is near the sea next to the lake, the corner of the seabed
Where only one step is to relax, bury your feet under the fine sand and just one step is to be happy with the dynamic rhythm of life every day.
Vinhomes Ocean Park – City of the Sea and Lake Smart version – A place to make the impossible possible.


At Vinhomes Ocean Park, we create a city with an emphasis on a 6.1-hectare saltwater lake with a 24.5-hectare white-sand lake that brings blue and white-sand everyday life to residents.

With the stature of a world-class metropolis, Vinhomes Ocean Park is also distinguished by modern utility systems such as Gym park, BBQ park and hundreds of diversified oyster sports fields in harmony with green ecological space and water surface.

Planning by the world’s leading design consultant EDSA, with a low construction density of only nearly 19%, future residents of Lake City will also enjoy other amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens, promenades, medical facilities, schools at all levels, including VinUni University with international standards.

Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam Hanoi
Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam Hanoi
  • Project name: Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Project location: Trau Quy Town – Duong Xa Commune – Kieu Ky Commune – Da Ton Commune, Gia Lam, Hanoi
  • Management and operation unit: Vinhomes
  • Total land area: 420ha
  • Construction density: 19.2%
  • Types of development: Apartments and Villas, Adjoining, Shophouse
  • Number of apartment buildings: 66 buildings
  • Number of villas: 2390 units
  • Commencement time: June 2018
  • Time to hand over the apartment: From April 2020
  • Time to hand over the villa: From November 2019
  • Ownership form: Free-hold Ownership (for locals) and 50-years Ownership (for foreigners).
  • Distributor: Jackie Realtor (


Located at the golden intersection of Gia Lam, with just a few minutes of moving through Chuong Duong Bridge, Vinh Tuy Bridge, and Thanh Tri Bridge, Vinhomes Ocean Park Hanoi is a great urban area possessing the advantage of the convenient and fast connection to the central areas.

Location of Vinhomes Ocean Park
Location of Vinhomes Ocean Park

Just 7 minutes from the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge, Vinhomes Ocean Park has great advantages in traffic, bringing true values to residents. In addition to the smart bus system derived from the project connecting to 9 districts of Hanoi and railway line 8 in the project, residents of Vinhomes Ocean Park will be Capital citizens to welcome the trend of using modern public transport on the go.

Design of Vinhomes Ocean Park

  • Vinhomes Ocean Park Apartment

Apartment Vinhome Ocean Park is inspired by the beautiful and modern coastal cities in the world. So the apartments in Vinhome Ocean Park are designed synchronously, modernly, and comfortably. Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam project has 3 product lines corresponding to 3 subdivisions Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond:

Apartment Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam, Hanoi is a subdivision with trendy and modern towers. They are designed according to ecological architecture. Pay attention to factors of comfort and generosity. So the interior design of the Vinhomes Ocean Park apartment building is very open, filled with natural light. Along with that is a diversified utility system. Apartment Vin Ocean Park offers a comfortable life for residents. Moreover, the Vinhomes Ocean Park management board is very enthusiastic and professional.

  • Vinhomes Ocean Park Villas

Villa Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam is a peaceful and classy living space. The Vinhomes Ocean Park apartments here have neoclassical style. Their designs are inspired by villas on the Mediterranean coast. Villas at Vinhomes Ocean Park have a large facade, low awning, with many arched windows welcoming light and fresh air.

The villas are built symmetrically in a romantic space with a large lake and long white sand. So every moment of living here, the owner enjoys a comfortable and fulfilled life. Villa Vinhome Ocean Park includes 4 subdivisions:

– Vinhomes Ocean Park Coral Subdivision (aka San Ho)
– Vinhomes Ocean Park Pearl Subdivision (aka Ngoc Trai)
– Vinhomes Ocean Park Sea Star Subdivision (aka Sao Bien)
– Vinhomes Ocean Park Seagulls Subdivision (aka Hai Au)

Types of villas of the project include:

– Detached villas Vinhomes Ocean Park
– Semi-detached villas Vinhomes Ocean Park
– Adjacent villas Vinhomes Ocean Park

  • Vinhomes Ocean Park Adjacent Villas

Adjacent to Vinhome Ocean Park is located in Sea Star, Seagulls, and Pearl areas. The apartments adjacent to Ocean Park are designed similar to the garden house model with the front and back garden. Adjacent to Vinhomes Ocean Park has an area of 66 – 70 – 90 – 100 – 120 sqm.

Gia Lam townhouse has a modern style with many trees, a beautiful natural landscape, and a large lake. The adjacent houses Vinhomes Ocean Park will be an ideal home for future residents. You will enjoy a free and quiet life with many modern internal facilities.

  • Vinhomes Ocean Park Shophouses

Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park is also an important product of the Vinhome Ocean Park project. With the Ocean Park Shophouse, the owner can both use it for business and for living. Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park rental is also highly profitable for customers.

Project Vin Ocean Park Gia Lam owns about 60 Vinhomes Ocean Park commercial and service shops with an area from 96 sqm to 163 sqm. Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park is designed with 3 floors, 5.5m wide frontage. Layout Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park is built from 320 – 386 sqm. Besides, there is also a basement for parking.

Shophouse design Vinhome Ocean Park is divided into 2 categories, including low-rise shophouse and podium Vinhomes Ocean Park.

In which Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park podium is the most popular product. Products have great business potential because they are located at the foot of buildings, so it is easy for customers to access shopping. Shop Vinhomes Ocean Park can be used for investment, business, and rental with great potential for profitability. Therefore, shophouse Vinhome is always an attractive product to investors.

Amenities at Vinhomes Ocean Park

Vinhomes Ocean Park is a modern, civilized urban area of international class. The project owns extremely classy facilities and services that give residents here a perfect life as if they were living in developed countries around the world.

Vinhomes Gia Lam is the first urban area to design unique facilities such as BBQ park, outdoor swimming pool, artificial saltwater lake, resort huts, … in any project.

Along with Jackie Realtor, we have a look at the unique outstanding facilities at Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam:

  • The artificial salt water lake see

Ocean Park Gia Lam is the first urban area in Vietnam to create an artificial saltwater lake sea. This is the highlight of this urban area. Saltwater lake sea has an area of 6.1ha, like a miniature ocean in the heart of the urban area.

With this utility, instead of going to the beach is very far places, you can completely experience an exciting summer on the beach at Vinhome Ocean Park. It only takes 20 minutes by car. This is an unprecedented difference. And of course, residents here will fully enjoy this utility.

In addition to artificial lakes, the Vinhome Ocean Park project is also scored by the central conditioning lake with an area of 24.5 hectares. This air-conditioned lake embraces the entire urban area by stretching flat white sand. Along with that are the green coconut trees. They are like romantic beaches. A place where you can run, walk, bike or exercise.

  • The world-class international school system

The school system is built on an area of 23 hectares. Including VinUni University. VinUni University is designed by world-famous architects, from multinational corporations. The school is assessed by strategic partners that are and the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) and Cornell University (Cornell).

VinUni University has a large scale, built according to the standards of modern schools in the world. The school’s facilities are 5-star QS standard. In the future, this will be the top university in Vietnam. Will bring great benefits to the children of Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area residents.

In addition to modern universities, the inter-level school system is built by Vingroup Group according to British high-quality standards. Vinschool will be the incubator of Vietnamese talents. This place has modern facilities, a team of excellent and enthusiastic teachers, and standard teaching methods that will help residents’ children to the knowledge horizon.

  • Multi-purpose sports field and outdoor gym park

The health of each resident is something that the investor pays great attention to. Therefore, not only investing in fresh and green spaces, but Vingroup has also invested more than 700 multi-purpose exercise machines in gym parks and other internal parks. Thanks to that, it meets the needs of sports and fitness training for residents of all ages.

Not only owns hundreds of exercise machines, but the central gym park is also designed for walking paths, jogging paths, multifunctional plazas, multi-purpose lawns, grass hills, children’s playgrounds, and green landscape.

  • BBQ park

Public BBQ park is also a luxury utility. At Vinhomes Ocean Park, residents can easily enjoy this wonderful picnic service. It owns 6 outdoor BBQ parks with more than 100 barbecue points.

With such a large space, you will have unforgettable picnics with your family and friends. Interlaced in the BBQ park are modern amenities such as huts, walkways, squares, miniatures. Instead of having to go to very far places for entertainment, residents can enjoy a happy weekend in the green space right near their home.

  • Shopping, dining, and entertainment centers

Vinhomes Ocean Park owns busy commercial centers such as Vinmart, Vincom, … With these centers you can buy any product of any brand in the world. Here is a full convergence of products of famous brands. This will be the place where residents satisfy their shopping thirst in the colorful world.

Besides, there is also an entertainment area and a very modern cinema. As a result, you have comfortable entertainment moments after stressful working hours.

Are you a culinary enthusiast and want to make delicious dishes for the whole family? Vinmart supermarket is the ideal destination for you right in the urban area. Vinmart provides you with safe, high-quality, cheap food. This is also a place for you and your relatives and friends to visit and entertain in your spare time.

  • Vinmec International Hospital

Health is the most precious asset. Understanding that, the Investor built Vinmec international general hospital here. This is one of the leading international hospitals in Vietnam. The hospital is invested in medical equipment infrastructure with modern technology. Along with that is a team of leading domestic and foreign medical specialists and doctors with high professional qualifications. Vinmec Hospital is the best healthcare address for residents of Vinhome Ocean Park urban area.

In addition, the project also owns many other convenient services such as:

– The lakeside play area is designed with modern and extremely vibrant
– 150 sports courts including badminton courts, tennis courts, mini football courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, …
– More than 60 children’s playgrounds and nourishing grasses meet the entertainment and entertainment needs of every family.
– 8 indoor and outdoor swimming pools are designed in the style of high-end resorts.
– 60 resort huts
– Security system 24/24 surveillance
– The Metro station is located in an urban area, making it easy to connect with other neighborhoods


  • 24/7 Security
  • Reception
  • Gym & Fitness Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Mall
  • Mart
  • Park
  • Near School
  • Near Metro Line
  • Cinema
  • Sky Garden


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